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Aug 27 2013

Dear Joon Gi

Just a quick sum-up of rewards for your efforts in Arang and the Magistrate:


Lee Joon-gi and Shin Min-a’s latest MBC drama “Arang and the Magistrate” has already broken the record set by “The Moon Embracing the Sun” earlier this year.

The broadcast rights to Lee’s drama have been sold at a price that is the highest that the network has ever made per episode.

Although the sum is undisclosed as yet, the announcement was made on Aug. 28 following a meeting attended by MBC’s board members a day prior.


Lee Joon-gi did it again and this time, the actor did it even before wrapping up his current TV series.

In a strong start to Korea’s new drama season, “Tale of Arang” has been sold to Japan with a record-breaking sales amount that easily surpass the number set by this year’s biggest hit, “Moon Embracing the Sun.”

“What I can say is that this is even more surprising than the amazing record set by ‘Moon Embracing the Sun’–100 million Korean won [about 882,000 in U.S. dollars] per episode,” a PR official from MBC told the magazine Wednesday, refusing to reveal the exact amount.

Industry watchers assume Lee Joon-gi and Shin Min-a’s starrer could have been measured up to 200 million won per episode, which makes the 20-part story worth a whopping number of 4 billion in total, around 3.5 million U.S. dollars.


Lee Joon-gi, Suzy Chosen as Top Hallyu Acts at Seoul Drama Awards 2013.

Korean actors Lee Joon-gi and Suzy will take the honor as the top Korean TV stars at this year’s Seoul Drama Awards.

The two stars have each been chosen as the Outstanding Korean Actor and the Outstanding Korean Actress, the organizing committee of Seoul Drama Awards 2013 (SDA) announced through a press release Tuesday morning.

Lee’s “Tale of Arang” and Kwone Sang-woo’s “King of Ambition,” both of which are the top-selling TV series sold to over 15 countries or surpassed three million USD in exports, will receive The Excellent Korean Drama and The Outstanding Korean Drama Awards, respectively.


2012 MBC Drama Awards: Best Couple Award - Lee Joon-gi and Shin Min-ah

I am really proud of you ^_^

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Jul 30 2013

Finally, I found you…Kim Nam Gil.

A great singer

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Jun 19 2013
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Dec 08 2012
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Aug 05 2012

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Jul 10 2012


흔적 (Destiny of Love) 
Heun Cheok

Music: Lee Minwoo
Lyrics: Shin Hyesung
Rap/Narration Making: Eric

Yeah I want you to listen closely to what I have to say
first thing you left me The next thing I got nothing
everything was gone with you check it

눈을 뜰 수 없는 아침이 오기를 바래왔었지만
nuneul ddeul su opneun achimi ogireul parae wasseojiman
Although I used to hope that the morning would arrive
아픈 그리움에 몸부림치며 또 울고 있는 나
Apeun keuri ume momburimchimyeo ddo ulgo itneun na
But I tremble from my sad longing and I cry again

모두 행복하게 살아가는데 난 왜 어둠에 갇혀
Modu haengbokhage saraganunde nan wae eodoome kachyo
Everyone lives happily but why am I trapped in darkness
떠난 널 그리며 지옥 같은 하룰 살아가는지
Tteonan neol kerimyeo jiok katteun harul saraganeunji
I long for you who have left, will I live my days in hell

내 가슴에 살아 숨 쉬는 너 어떻게 내가 널 잊고 살아가
Nae gaseume sara soom shwineun neo eottohke naega neol itgo saraga
You’re breathing in my heart, how do I forget you and continue to live
깨져버린 이별 조각들이 가슴에 박혀 날 아프게 해
Kkaejyopeorin ibyeol jogakdeuri gaseume pakhyo nal apeuge hae
The shattering separation, the broken pieces are hurting my heart
떨쳐버려도 잊어보려 하지만 너 없는 빈자리가 너무 커
Tteolchyeobeoryeodo ichoboryeo hajiman neo opneun binjariga nomu k’eo
Deciding to leave it behind and trying to forget, but there’s a huge void without you
죽을 만큼 아파 힘들어도 기다려 너 올 때까지
Chugeul mank’eum ap’a himdeurodo kidaryeo neo ol ttaekkaji

Even if I hurt til I die I will still wait for you, until you come   

눈을 감아 봐도 자꾸 네가 보여 난 미칠 것 같아
Nuneul kama bwado chakku nega boyeo nan michil keot katta
Even if I try to close my eyes I will keep seeing you, I seem to be going crazy
한번만이라도 볼 수 있다면 난 괜찮아질 텐데
Handonmanirado bol su itdamyeon nan kwaenchanajil t’ende
Even if it’s just once, if I could see you, I will be fine

I’m trapped up inside of a darkness
you see I’m a helpless 내가 할 수 있는 게 
you see I’m a helpless naega hal su itneun ge
you see I’m a helpless all I can do
아무것도 없어 나 hopeless want no more or nothing’ less
amukeotdo opseo na hopeless want no more or nothing’ less
I have nothing hopeless want no more or nothing’ less
you said it’s all for the best 하나부터 열까지 잊지못해
you said it’s all for the best hanabut’eo yeolkkaji ijimothae
you said it’s all for the best from one to ten I can’t forget it
머리부터 발까지 you say time go fast don’t tell me that
meoribut’eo palkkaji you say time go fast don’t tell me that
From the beginning til the end you say time go fast don’t tell me that
you know I want you back

내 가슴에 살아 숨 쉬는 너 어떻게 내가 널 잊고 살아가
Nae gaseume sara soom shwineun neo eottohke naega neol itgo saraga
You’re breathing in my heart, how do I forget you and continue to live
깨져버린 이별 조각들이 가슴에 박혀 날 아프게 해
Kkaejyobeorin ibyeol jogakdeuri gaseume pakhyo nal apeuge hae
The shattering separation, the broken pieces are hurting my heart
떨쳐버려도 잊어보려 하지만 너 없는 빈자리가 너무 커
Tteolchyeobeoryeodo ichoboryeo hajiman neo opneun binjariga nomu k’eo
Deciding to leave it behind and trying to forget, but there’s a huge void without you
죽을 만큼 아파 힘들어도 기다려 너 올 때까지
Chugeul mank’eum ap’a himdeurodo kidaryeo neo ol ttaekkaji
Even if I hurt til I die I will still wait for you, until you come

세상 모든 게 사라져도 널 지울 수 없어
Sesang modeun ge sarajyeodo neol jiwul su opseo
Even if everything in the world disappeared, I still couldn’t erase you
아직 남아있는 그 향기 상처뿐인 미움도
Ajik nama itneun keu hyangki sangch’eoppunin miumdo
Your scent still remains even now, only as the hatred that is my wound
I can’t let you go 절대 보낼 순 없어
I can’t let you go cheoldae punael soon opseo
I can’t let you go, I definitely can’t let you go
baby please don’t leave me alone 내게 돌아와줘
baby please don’t leave me alone naege torawajyo
baby please don’t leave me alone please come back

주소 없는 편질 써 이미 바뀌어 버린 전화를 걸어 
Chuso opneun p’yeonjil sseo imi pakkwiwo beorin cheonhwareul keoro
I wrote a letter without an address, I called a number that has already been changed
오래 된 사진 속 안에서 웃고 있는 네게 말을 걸어
Orae dwin sajin suk aneseo utgo itneun nege mareun keoreo
I smile and greet you in a photograph that has yellowed
나 없이 잘 지내고 있을까 아님 슬퍼하고만 있을까
na opshi chal jinaego isseulkka anim seulp’eogoman isseulkka
Are you living well without me, or are you sad
무슨 일 있는 건 아닐까 미움보다 걱정부터 난 앞서
Museul il itneun keol anilkka miumpoda keokjeongbut’eo nan ap’aseo
Is there anything that makes you worried more than hating me

가슴 안에 시린 나의 사랑 지워져 버리면 나 어떻게 살아가
Gaseum ane shirin na-ui sarang jiwojyo borimyeon na eotteohke saraga
If I erase the love in my heart that has cooled, how do I live
그런 사랑하나 잊지 못한 내 자신이 미워 너무나 싫지만
keureon saranghana iji mothan nae chashini miwo nomuna shiljiman
I hate myself for not forgetting this love, although I really hate it
이 가슴으로 나 말하고 있잖아 사랑해 사랑해 널 사랑해
I gaseumeuro na marago itchana saranghae saranghae neol saranghae
I’m using this heart to say I love you, I love you, I love you
내 심장이 멈춰 버린대도 기다려 너 올 때까지
Nae shimjang-i meomch’wi borindaedo kidaryeo neo ol ttaekkajji
Even if my heart stops beating I will still wait for you, until you come

Chi trans: 韩小国 @ BESTSHINHWA
Eng trans: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz 

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Jul 05 2012

Before, Now and Forever

(Source: ramyongirl)

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Jul 03 2012
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MinSyung~ on MBC Radio’s Shimshimtapa (24th Oct)

  • SSTP hosted by Shindong and Kim Shin Young
  • (Opening sequence, DJs introduces the 2 guys)
  • M: Hi, I’m Shin Hyesung
  • HS: Hi, I’m Lee Minwoo, M Style~
  • SD: I’m sure everyone can tell by their voices!
  • M: Haha, you’re probably not Korean if you can’t tell
  • [Everyone laughs]
  • HS: Just in case there are people who can’t tell, let’s do a proper one
  • HS/M: Annyeong haseyo, urineun Shinhwa imnida!
  • SD: This one is the best! Actually when Kim Dongwan came here the last time he had to do it alone
  • M: (imitating Dongwan) Annyeong haseyo, urineun Shinhwa imnida!
  • ————————————————
  • KSY: Since we have the two of you here together today, could you greet everyone in your best sexy voice?
  • HS: Again?
  • SD: How many times do you want them to do this…
  • HS: In a sexy voice….erm, Minwoo you do the sexy version once
  • M: Ah…me…
  • HS: It has to be short, it can’t be too long
  • M: (lowers his voice) Annyeong
  • [Everyone laughs]
  • M: There’s one more! Annyeong….M…
  • [KSY imitates the way he says M]
  • HS: Are you trying to stress me out here..? (lowers his voice) Pangga. HS.
  • (*note: Pangga is a colloquial version of pangapseumnida which means nice to meet you, often used on the Internet)
  • [Everyone ROFL]
  • ————————————————
  • SD: Honestly are there a lot of programmes that invite the members to make appearances together?
  • M: Yeah there are, last year Dongwan, Hyesung and me, we were having our promotional activities at the same time, so there were lots of invitations then
  • SD: Which member do you like to go on shows with? Right now the two of you are promoting your album..
  • M: I don’t have a particular favourite…… But I like to come along with Hyesung~ Because we are Minsyung~
  • [Everyone ROFL]
  • HS: At first it was just me alone, then Minwoo had his comeback….I have to make him wrap up his promotions fast…
  • M: WHY??
  • HS: I’m just kidding…
  • M: Come on, don’t be like this…we’re Minsyung~
  • ————————————————
  • KSY: Has Hyesung’s body recovered yet?
  • HS: Body?
  • KSY: You were probably tired out from your concert right?
  • M: Ah I couldn’t make it..
  • KSY: Really?
  • HS: Yeah, none of the members turned up…
  • M: I told them all not to go~ (cracks up)
  • HS: YOU!!!!!!!
  • ————————————————
  • M: If you watch a Shinhwa concert, you’ll realise that Hyesung and me, we’re the ones talking most of the time. We like concerts – we are Minsyung~~ (in an aegyo tone)
  • KSY: Really?
  • HS: Yeah, the other members don’t say much, Minwoo says probably more than 70% of everything
  • M: We argued because of this before
  • KSY: Ah really? Why?
  • M: Hyesung will tell you…
  • HS: We don’t usually discuss what to say beforehand at concerts, so everything is spontaneous…But the other members would just stand there and not talk, so Minwoo has to move things along but it gets tiring, so…
  • M: It is tiring! Then I noticed that Hyesung started to help out…
  • HS: So there was once Minwoo yelled at the members, “Yah! You have to talk too! I’m going crazy!!”
  • M: That’s right, but I did that after the concert, during dinner. I just exploded, “Are you all crazy? HUH? Is there something in your mouths??” Then Eric said, “No it’s not that… well because you’re doing such a good job there isn’t much for us to say…. Since you’re doing so well we just trust you and follow your lead, anything else we say it’s just….” So I yelled back, “I need that kind of help!”
  • HS: So after that everyone started to speak up and it was more fun at concerts…
  • ————————————————
  • SD: Hyesung could you talk about what has changed for you in the last 10 years? We have a great piece of background music for this… (slow, sentimental music starts)
  • HS: Ah…the music sounds a little sad…Hmmm let’s see, before our debut, when we were still trainees, I was really shy, so when all the guys bathe together I would cover up here and there…
  • M: Yes he always covers up! What for??
  • HS: It was embarrassing!
  • M: We didn’t…
  • HS: So anyway we were still young, 18 or 19, but now I always go with the members to the jijimbbang (Korean steam bath)… And we were still staying together, if someone was showering, I would squirt ketchup on him then run away…
  • M: Andy even screamed, “Hyung! My head is bleeding!”
  • HS: Haha that’s true…. Andy ah, sorry…. [So you were the culprit….]
  • M: And running off after activating the bidet…
  • HS: Yeah, and turned on the hot water instead…
  • M: Hahaha, and the water pressure was turned to the highest, in the end we spoilt the thing and the water pressure was so high that it hurt someone bad enough to have to go to the hospital!
  • HS: Haha…And I think I’m stronger now…haha what else… Minwoo, you talk about yourself first while I think…
  • M: It has been a fantastic 10 years for Shinhwa, and in future Shinhwa will have another fantastic 10 years, that’s what all the members hope for…
  • HS: Aaah, they asked you about changes, why are you talking about this~
  • M: Changes…we got older so we are more understanding of each other. We even out the kinks in each other’s characters and we’ve become just like family. In the past we were more self-centred, and used to fight out of jealousy, but now we can understand each other. Just a few days ago we gathered for dinner and drinks before Eric enlisted…
  • HS: Yes, we took like a hundred pictures! [Calling out to Dongwan….POST THE PICS!!]
  • M: Shinhwa’s name hasn’t changed, our hearts haven’t changed, the thing that has changed…erm…fans are all older….
  • HS: As the members are all enlisting one by one, we’re now just looking forward to getting back together for a concert in a few years’ time!
  • ————————————————
  • SD: So did you exchange CDs after you released your albums?
  • HS/M: Yeah of course
  • HS: I have so many of Minwoo’s in my car, at least 5…
  • M: Haha, I did that on purpose, so that you can give them away for me~
  • HS: Ah? So that’s what you meant…looks like I should start giving them away~
  • M: Just give them to anyone nice~
  • HS: Oh, ok I know
  • ————————————————
  • KSY: Someone, after listening to Hyesung’s album, said this, “Shin Hyesung, one feels at peace when listening to his songs” – Why is that?
  • M: Hyesung’s looks make people feel at peace? (*note: The literal translation of someone’s looks making others feel at peace means that he looks very average)
  • HS: Yah yah, do you think of how people look like when you hear their songs?
  • DJs: Ah~ the voice~
  • M: Actually, initially Eric was Shinhwa’s main vocalist
  • HS: That’s right, Eric was supposed to be main vocals, and I was supposed to be the main dancer
  • DJs: (stunned) REALLY?? You’re joking right?
  • HS: Of course we are…
  • KSY: We got surprised for a while there because you sounded so serious, we almost believed you!
  • SD: I suddenly thought of Hyesung hyung doing his spin kick in the center
  • HS: Haha, that was because I couldn’t dance well, so they made me do taekwondo…
  • ————————————————
  • [In this segment they talk about the good and bad points of each other, but the two of them have to guess what each wrote about the other - if it’s correct, *ding dong ding* will sound on the xylophone, if not it will be a single *ding* sound]
  • HS: Ah….flaws…
  • M: Too many, but I thought hard and came up with some~
  • HS: He looked troubled when he was writing it, it must be that there aren’t any so he had to crack his brains to make one up… Shindong ah, do you know the answer? Is it a long or short sentence?
  • [DJs drop hints that it’s long]
  • HS: Ah….so it’s one sentence then, like Hyesung is like this, or does this…. When Hyesung drinks he always makes me drink? He forces me to drink?
  • KSY: Yes yes, elaborate a little more on that…
  • HS: Hyesung reveals his true colors when he drinks?
  • [M sounds the xylophone with a single *ding* - wrong!]
  • DJs: Oh we heard something else that we didn’t expect!
  • HS: No no no, I’m not saying I’m like this, I’m saying that he’s saying that about me on purpose…
  • M: You don’t know how he always forces us to drink, it’s no joke!
  • HS: No I don’t
  • M: Shouldn’t you be embarrassed, you ARE like that
  • [HS and M continue to argue]
  • DJs: Ok Hyesung let’s move on to the 2nd one
  • HS: Huh…continue? I feel like I’m digging my own grave…. Does it have to do with alcohol?
  • KSY: No, nothing to do with alcohol
  • M: It has to do with our schedules
  • HS: Ah ah….. when we have work on our schedules…Err….are you saying…? But I’m not like that anymore, I was like that for just a while… “Doesn’t like to get out of bed”?
  • SD: Be a little more specific….
  • HS: I’m DEFINITELY not like that anymore, I was like that in the past for about a month because I was so tired…
  • KSY: You’re leaving a lot of leeway for yourself, huh?
  • [HS cracks up]
  • HS: I sleep too much and often end up late?
  • M: So what is that called? We’re functioning as a group!
  • HS: I’m often late, and cause trouble for the group?
  • [M sounds a single *ding* - wrong answer]
  • HS: Isn’t that close enough?
  • M: Summarize it then
  • HS: I force people to drink, oversleep when we have a schedule for the day, being late, causing trouble for the members….
  • DJs: So what do you call that?
  • HS: Oh? (He says this in a really cute, aegyo way)
  • [Everyone cracks up]
  • M: That was so cute…!
  • HS: This is so frustrating!
  • SD: So how would you describe creating trouble for the members?
  • HS: Lazy? Moron?
  • SD: The correct answer is…..too self-centered…..
  • HS: YAH! What self-centered?? YAH!! (He grabs the mallet, starts shouting at M and hitting on the xylophone *ding**ding**ding*)
  • M: Calm down, we’re in the middle of a show…..That’s right…he always overslept when we had a schedule for the day!
  • HS: YAH! It wasn’t just me, Dongwan too!
  • KSY: Now Dongwan comes into the picture
  • HS: And Junjin, he always drank and couldn’t get up!
  • M: Yes yes, Jin too, his manager had to climb in through the window to wake him up once after he spent the night drinking, and he almost broke his bones!
  • [Everyone ROFL]
  • HS: Yah, you wrote that about me, that’s too much….can I rewrite mine?
  • M: Hahahaha your manager asked me to write that!
  • ————————————————
  • DJs: It’s ok, now there’s one more! (the strong point)
  • HS: Ah…..guess again…? Hmmm Hyesung is kind?
  • [M hits a single *ding* - wrong answer]
  • HS: Give me a hint…I have too many strong points….
  • M: It has to do with your character, and friends
  • HS: Ah~ friendship then, loyalty… Hyesung is very loyal!
  • [M sounds *ding dong ding* - right answer]
  • [Applause and cheers]
  • HS: Haha but I read what he wrote: Hyesung is too self-centered and only cares about himself, then Hyesung is very loyal…. isn’t that contradictory?
  • KSY: He even scribbled in fine print under the self-centered bit: that’s why you don’t have a girlfriend
  • M: Haha he was the only one who was always late when we had activities back then
  • HS: Let me explain, I need more sleep than most people
  • M: And I’m always the one to wake him up
  • HS: Most people need 7-8 hours of sleep…I need 10 or more to rejuvenate myself…. But that was then, now I still sleep a lot but it’s not as bad!
  • ————————————————
  • KSY: Let’s hand this over to Hyesung now…
  • HS: Haha, yes! Can we have him guess the good points and then the flaws? If we talk about the good, then the bad, the effect will be worse….
  • M: Yah! How can you do that!
  • DJs: Ok then let’s go with the good points first… no hints for this!
  • M: Erm…that’s difficult….but having to guess your own good points, that’s a little…
  • HS: Yes, I was so embarrassed when I had to guess mine!
  • M: Erm…….. My good point…. is being passionate?
  • [Even before M can finish, Hyesung sounds a single *ding* - wrong answer]
  • HS: Hahaha sorry, I’m too anxious so I sounded it unwittingly… Here’s a clue, I wrote two, the first is what you demonstrate in Shinhwa, the second relates to your abilities as an entertainer
  • M: Minwoo is….
  • [HS adds weird sound effects: PA! TA!]
  • M: Erm….My stage manner? Charisma?
  • HS: Not that…. but the first part is about right, I wrote multi-talented
  • M: Ah….leadership!
  • HS: Correct
  • [HS sounds *ding dong ding* - right answer]
  • HS: (reading what he wrote) Minwoo has leadership qualities, and is multi-talented
  • KSY: Ok now for the flaws…
  • HS: Aaargh I should have written worse things, really….
  • M: You didn’t write that did you….? Minwoo is….. something related to women…?
  • [Everyone starts to woot]
  • M: Minwoo treats women like accessories…
  • [Everyone ROFL]
  • M: Isn’t that it? Hyesung….
  • HS: You’re really digging your own grave here!!
  • M: Hyesung, at his press conference, told reporters that about me
  • KSY: Hey this already died down, but you brought it up yourself…..
  • HS: Minwoo is very serious and careful about relationships, so he’s a little reserved when it comes to love, and he’s focusing on his career instead of love for now – but when reporters wrote the article they took out these parts instead, and those were just passing remarks that I made during an informal chat…
  • SD: I’ll give you a hint, it has nothing to do with women
  • HS: It’s about style, character…it’s a flaw….
  • M: Ladies, I ABSOLUTELY do not treat you like accessories, I love you~~
  • [Everyone cracks up]
  • M: Minwoo becomes Choi Min Soo when he drinks
  • HS: I’ll take that as the right answer [HS sounds *ding dong ding*]
  • SD: The right answer is – He thinks he is Choi Min Soo
  • HS: He’s usually like that, but it’s worse when he drinks…He lowers his voice and acts all cool…
  • SD: There was once when he bought me dinner, and while we were drinking he did exactly that….I thought Choi Min Soo was having dinner with me…
  • ————————————————
  • M: Hyesung doesn’t really have bad drinking habits… Now I’ll reveal our bad drinking habits!
  • For me, I’ll sleep, then my voice is already a little mumbly, when I drink it’s worse…
  • Dongwan, he will just disappear, and no one would know where he went
  • Eric becomes all cute, and he would sing…. He likes to sing anyway, and I realised that he likes to sing Wheesung’s songs… [Awwwww…. you can sing anything and I’ll listen…..]
  • Andy will talk a lot, and repeat everything he said over and over and over again….
  • Junjin, he’ll just drink until the morning
  • HS: He’s an alcohol tank~
  • M: But we don’t have any habits that kill the mood…
  • ————————————————
  • KSY: It’s been so fun today
  • HS: Yeah, next time let’s just do only this segment.. We’ll get all 6 members here, write only one good point and 10 flaws..
  • KSY: I think there will be more than ten news headlines after that!
  • HS: All the websites will be about Shinhwa….hahahahaha
  • ————————————————
  • M: In any case, Hyesung isn’t self-centered~
  • HS: Ladies, you can ask Minwoo for accessories as presents…. think of Minwoo when you wear accessories…
  • M: YAH don’t say it anymore! DON’T SAY IT ANYMORE!
  • HS: You said I’m self-centered!!
  • [HS and M start arguing and hitting on the xylophone]
  • SD: It’s been an interesting day today!
  • M: We are Minsyung~~ (in his aegyo tone)
  • SD: Due to time constraint, we’ll play Minwoo’s song tomorrow again for winning the game!
  • HS: Then play my song once tomorrow too since you can’t play it today…
  • M: What’s up with you….
  • HS: You said I’m self-centered, didn’t you….. Ah I’ve suffered too much psychological trauma today….
  • ————————————————
  • Chi trans: chersung@SCIC
  • Eng trans: midnightgirl13@absolutshinhwa.wordpress.com
  • I took it from ABSOLUT SHINHWA.. entry: 8 JAN 2009
Jun 25 2012


Work is hard. But then, that’s life. There are times we must sacrifice ourselves for other’s sakes. As long as it makes you feel peaceful and happy inside.

I think I did something right today. And put other’s interests before mine.

I am not proud of myself for being talented. I am just an average person in terms of ability and look. But I know I stick by my conscience in life - that I can be proud of.

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Jun 21 2012


Hyesung fanart

credit: 루카

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